All 15 Songs from the Green Hornet Soundtrack

There are 15 songs in the Green Hornet, but they did not release a soundtrack album. Not to worry, all 15 songs from the Green Hornet soundtrack are here. The trailers for the movie set the tone with Gangsta’s Paradise ruling the day. The clips are from the movie itself, so unlike most movies these days that throw a totally random song into the ads, you get Coolio in the ads and in the movie.

The Green Hornet soundtrack also features The Humpty Dance from Digital Underground, as well as songs from the early days of White Stripes, plus old school late 70’s Van Halen, Johnny Cash, Brian Eno and David Bowie), The Rolling Stones and even Sam Cooke. The score is also a throwback to a 60s/70s sounding theme.

Now that is one hell of a mix. It’s like someone got hit with some big green poof of smoke when they were pulling this one together. But it works. In fact, it works ridiculously well. One of my favorite musical moments was probably the most somber one. “I Hung My Head” by Johnny Cash was hauntingly perfect for when Britt finds out that his dad died.

The Green Hornet was a great movie. The action was kicking, the lines were funny, and the music was perfectly suited for the film. In fact, my only complaint with the Green Hornet was that the 3D seemed forced. The best 3D scenes were the end credits. No joke.

Here’s the complete list of all 15 songs from Green Hornet with downloads for them as well. They are in the order they appeared in the movie and have notes on the scenes they were in. I was able to figure out 14 of the 15 songs.


~ by montelutz on January 14, 2011.

13 Responses to “All 15 Songs from the Green Hornet Soundtrack”

  1. […] All 15 Songs from the Green Hornet Soundtrack There are 15 songs in the Green Hornet, but they did not release a soundtrack album. Not to worry, all 15 songs from […] […]

  2. Enjoyed reading this article – any chance of an update?

  3. Serious health and livelove here, I can’t get enough of it, reading as much up about such subjects as I can, so thanks for the information here.

  4. Thanks. Have been looking for this all over the place. Its a shame they did not release the soundtrack album

  5. The “Green Hornet” movie was a travesty as far as I’m concerned; the use of the Johnny Cash song was probably the only decent scene in the film.

    My review of the film:

  6. Qué desperdicio que sólo haya una canción de Jay Chou y que para colmo haya sifo la segunda de los créditos, que por cierto cortaron cuando la fui a ver.
    Con el talento que tiene… de veras no lo supieron aprovechar

  7. I am interested in finding the music used in the fight scenes and the instrumental toward the end of the movie and closing credites. I also heard the music on their website in the “Build And Battle” game and on the homepage for the movie webpage.

    Wish I could find a soundtrack for that. My thanks for any help on this.


  8. im looking for the song right when he wakes up and kato has made the Black Beauty[s]

  9. FYI: Second end credits song – Nunchucks – Jay Chou

  10. cant find song during first battle

  11. fantastic music…

  12. that sound track is awesome.would like to hear in english if possibe,thank you!

  13. whats the song Kato is playing when Britt comes out of coma??

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